About us

Welcome to Autoshifts , we are a fast growing automobile centered website. Our team comprises of well qualified and well equipped car enthusiast which ensures that you get a high quality and unbiased content comprising of news, reviews, comparisons and analysis.

Our Autoshifts Team

Nitin Kashyap


Nitin is our Editor and IT expert for Autoshifts and is at the forefront of all the testing and reviewing of the vehicles. He has perused his love for cars and is well qualified for the job having a masters degree in Automobile Engg. and graduation degree in Mechatronics Engg. to understand every nitty gritty of the vehicles.  

Vikas Rexwal


Vikas rexwal is the lead news writer at Autoshifts, his passion for cars and bikes is unthinkable. His passion is for helping people in all aspects of automobile industry from car specifications to the ride comfort. In addition to writting for ASI, vikas also provides technical SEO support and copy writting services for businesses of all sizes.

Vipul Saxena


Vipul Saxena is our lead Technical expert who is a hardcore feature geek. He is a qualified master degree holder in Mechatronics Engg. and with the modern cars equipped with a plethora of feature his work is like a holy book in the hour of need.