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Renault Kiger Price hike May 2021 – up to Rs. 33,000

With the transportation and Raw material cost increasing, companies have all lined up on increasing the prices of the majority of their cars. Renault is no exception to this trend, the carmaker this month has announced the price hike on its new compact SUV, the Renault Kiger, this price goes up to Rs. 33,000 on the select variant, however, the base model is kept at the same price tag without any changes, which also keeps “the most affordable SUV” tag with the car.

Here is the detailed list of Renault Kiger 1.0-litre NA petrol engine Price hike for May 2021.

VariantsOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Renault Kiger RXE (MT)Rs. 5.45 lakhRs. 5.45 lakh
Renault Kiger RXE Dual-Tone (MT)Rs. 5.65 lakhRs. 5.65 lakh
Renault Kiger RXL (MT)Rs. 6.14 lakhRs. 6.32 lakhRs. 18,000
Renault Kiger RXL(AMT)Rs. 6.59 lakhRs. 6.82 lakhRs. 23,000
Renault Kiger RXL Dual-Tone (MT)Rs. 6.31 lakhRs. 6.52 lakhRs. 21,000
Renault Kiger RXL Dual-Tone (AMT)Rs. 6.76 lakhRs. 7.02 lakhRs. 26,000
Renault Kiger RXT (MT)Rs. 6.60 lakhRs. 6.80 lakhRs. 20,000
Renault Kiger RXT (AMT)Rs. 7.05 lakhRs. 7.30 lakhRs. 25,000
Renault Kiger RXT Dual-Tone (MT)Rs. 6.77 lakhRs. 7.00 lakhRs. 23,000
Renault Kiger RXT Dual-Tone (AMT)Rs. 7.22 lakhRs. 7.50 lakhRs. 27,000
Renault Kiger RXZ (MT)Rs. 7.55 lakhRs. 7.69 lakhRs. 14,000
Renault Kiger RXZ (AMT)Rs. 8.00 lakhRs. 8.19 lakhRs. 19,000
Renault Kiger RXZ Dual-Tone (MT)Rs. 7.72 lakhRs. 7.89 lakhRs. 17,000
Renault Kiger RXZ Dual-Tone (AMT)Rs. 8.17 lakhRs. 8.39 lakhRs. 22,000

Here is the detailed list of Renault Kiger 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine Price hike for May 2021.

TrimOld PriceNew PriceDifference
Renault Kiger RXL (MT)Rs. 7.14 lakhRs. 7.42 lakhRs. 28,000
Renault Kiger RXL Dual-Tone (MT)Rs. 7.31 lakhRs. 7.62 lakhRs. 31,000
Renault Kiger RXT (MT)Rs. 7.60 lakhRs. 7.90 lakhRs. 30,000
Renault Kiger RXT (CVT)Rs. 8.60 lakhRs. 8.60 lakh
Renault Kiger RXT Dual-Tone (MT)Rs. 7.77 lakhRs. 8.10 lakhRs. 33,000
Renault Kiger RXT Dual-Tone (CVT)Rs. 8.77 lakhRs. 8.80 lakhRs. 3,000
Renault Kiger RXZ (MT)Rs. 8.55 lakhRs. 8.79 lakhRs. 24,000
Renault Kiger RXZ (CVT)Rs. 9.55 lakhRs. 9.55 lakh
Renault Kiger RXZ Dual-Tone (MT)Rs. 8.72 lakhRs. 8.99 lakhRs. 27,000
Renault Kiger RXZ Dual-Tone (CVT)Rs. 9.72 lakhRs. 9.75 lakhRs. 3,000

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