Revolt RV400 Second batch sold out

Revolt RV400 electric bike second batch also sold out within minutes once again

Revolt RV400 electric bike first batch was booked out in just minutes, and yet another second batch of RV400 EV bikes sold out once again within minutes.

  • Revolt RV400 second batch sold out within just few minutes
  • While, the units offered in both the batches aren’t not disclosed
  • Revolt RV400 electric bike comes powered with a 3.24 KWh lithium-ion battery pack  

Rattan’s India revolt Motors announced on Thursday that once again its new batch all units were sold out within few minutes. The second round of bookings was opened a few days back and within just a few minutes all the units in the batch have been sold out. Just like when the first-round bookings were open it was also sold out in a lightning strike 2 hours. That being said, the company officials stating the benefiting of higher petrol prices in the Indian market and many customers going towards electric mobility.

Revolt RV400 Second batch sold out
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With petrol prices reached around Rs 100 In many states across India, many new buyers going towards the clearness source and cheaper source of mobility, said Anjali Rattan bossiness Chairman rattan India Enterprises. Although, the brand hasn’t revealed that how many units were sold in both the batch and rounds. Many media houses have also written a letter to the company for the information. A massive Shot in the arm of the EV makers such as revolt Motors is also the slew of subsidy measures announced by various governments.

Revolt RV400 Second batch sold out
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For many states governments, Maharashtra has an incentive of around Rs 25,000 per bike while the figure is Rs 20,000 in Gujrat. Central Delhi government has an incentive of around Rs 16,000, while Meghalaya has an incentive of Rs 32,000. Revolt RV400 comes powered by a 3.24 KWh Lithium-ion battery pack, capable of developing 150 km in a single charge, and has a top speed of 85 Kmph. The electric bike comes with three different modes Eco, Normal, and Sport. As of now both the batch is sold out and to reach the demand brand will be ramping up production to meet the outgoing demand. Revolt’s Motors MD Rahul Sharma, “Said we are working round the clock to increase our production capacities even further to cater to this huge demand”.   

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