5 things about LML e-scooter

Top 5 things to know about LML re-entering the Indian market with its E-Scooter

Lohia machines limited recently announced that it would re-enter the Indian two-wheeler segment. The company will try to play its better new innings in the Indian market by entering in two-wheeler with new E-Scooter which has in recent times has a lot of action and is expected to grow more in the coming future. Although, LML hasn’t revealed much of its e scooter plans we have some information about the upcoming e-scooter. It has provided some details about its plans, and here we have listed top 5 things to know about LML re-entering the Indian market with a new E-scooter: –

  • Plan of investing over 1,000 crores

The company has recently revealed that they are planning to invest more than 1,000 crores in the electric scooter space for its technology, design, and production plant in the coming next three to five years for its EV operations and management. LML also started looking for a production plant facility development area and also actively working on product strategies and technology to compete in the most competed market.

5 things about LML e-scooter
Top 5 things about LML e-scooter
  • LML e-Scooter expected to introduce with latest Tech

The brand hasn’t revealed much about their technology’s details about its electric scooter but it is likely to carry the latest technology. Dr. Yogesh Bhatia MD and CEO of LML electric have stated that they will introduce “highly innovative product equipped with highly advanced best in technology enable and strength urban mobility. That makes LML EVs would have more premium features.

  • Manufacturer plans to launch 1,000 dealerships across country

LML electric sets to introduce more than 1,000 dealerships across India, which is more likely to depends on market demand and potential. The number released might seem a little expectant but considering the rising prices of fuel and demand for electric scooters in the market, it could be a smart decision from the manufacture to capture more customers. This wind range of dealerships will allow more customers accessibility and attract more buyers towards LML electric.

5 things about LML e-scooter
  • Compete against Ola electric, Ather energy and Simple one

Ola electric, a simple one, and Ather energy in recent times made headlines courtesy of its brilliant electric scooter in terms of design, technology, and mostly the range of their EVs offered. Ather Energy is also looking to add a new improved model which will be more affordable compared to its existing model. Upon the LML e-scooter launch, it will rival these trending models.

  • Could likely to bring back 80s 90s design elements

Back in the 80s 90s, LML-Vespa has plenty of scooters on an offer of iconic scooters in its range, like NV3, Sensation, Select, Star, etc. We expected LML to bring back its old design to attract more buyers to its advantage to offer it a retro-styled design on its first product. The brand could bring back a few older nameplates as well, which is a strategy taken into consideration by more manufacturers these days.

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