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2022 BMW X5 Vermilion launched – features a blood-red grille with frozen black paint

Ever felt that the colour Black is overtaking your closet and even your garage as well, but you still love it, then BMW has brought a dream car for you if you can afford it, which is the 2022 BMW X5 Vermilion. The car has just been launched and features a blood-red coloured Kidney grille which pops right at you from the looks of its front facia and a very obvious fan-favourite frozen black metallic paint that gives the car a scream for its hunger of seeking attention.

Is that all the car gets? Absolutely no, the 2022 BMW X5 Vermilion midsize premium SUV packs a ton of unique features like the usual chrome finished grille contour gets the same black finish which is complemented via a set of dark grey coloured 22-inch alloy wheels with a matte finish along with bright red brake callipers which is a part of the additional features that are provided with the M goodies package including an M Sport Package, adaptive M suspension, and an M Sport exhaust. Although, the last one is specific to the Euro-spec M50. To add up a sweet touch to the front facia, the carmaker also throughs in adaptive full-LED headlamps with laser technology inside.

The insides of the special edition Vermilion get some even more levelled up features than the regular X5 which are – a heated steering wheel, heads-up display, Harmon Kardon music system, a fancier start button along with a glass gear lever. However, here the Euro-spec model gets a slight edge over the other versions with the carbon fibre interior and leather dashboard finish.

The 2022 BMW X5 Vermilion will only be available in the US and European market, although the carmaker gives a slight edge to the European market as the car being offered there is the X5 M50i while the US gets a lower spec xDrive40i variant with only 350 cars to be built. Talking about the prices of the car, the xDrive40i variant will cost you $82,300 (roughly 61.3 lakh INR) with the addition of $995 on your delivery destination, which is roughly $20,000 more than the more powerful X5 M50i variant.

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