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5 Bestselling cars since last 10 years: Maruti dominates the list

Maruti has been top of almost all the list that their cars fit in be it a hatchback or MUVs and here also the scenarios are the same as Maruti on this list to dominates with top 4 entries and the remaining 1 entry goes to Hyundai. Here is the list of total sale percentage for each car made in all these 10 years of the 5 Bestselling cars since then. 10 Cars for last 10 years% Sales
1Maruti Alto19.66
2Maruti Dzire14.93
3Maruti Swift14.31
4Maruti WagonR12.22
5Hyundai i208.04
5 Bestselling cars since last 10 years

Maruti Alto was the best selling which acquired a sales percentage of 19.66 combining the value of last 10 years which means if the total cars sold in the past 10 years were assumed 100 then 19 of them were Maruti Suzuki Alto, this percentage share is followed by Maruti Suzuki Dzire which managed to acquire a share of 14.93 per cent, followed by its hatchback variant Maruti Suzuki Swift with a marginally low percentage of 14.31 and at the 4th position we have the Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R that acquired a sales percentage of 12.22. but at the number 5 position comes Hyundai’s premium hatchback i20 with a percentage share of 8.04.

Interesting thing to know is that almost all the cars except Maruti Suzuki Dzire are hatchback be it premium or entry-level, which tell that the market prefers the hatchback cars over any other segment, the reason to it is their affordability and the fulfilment to owning a car.  

The Number 1 on the list Maruti Alto isn’t even 10 years old but more than 2 decades old, and the model back then are still in use, while the others have gotten various minor to major generation upgrades which isn’t the case in Alto.

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