Luxury car sales June 2021 – Mercedes-Benz remains the king of the segment

Luxury car sales along with every other segment have been majorly affected by the second wave of the pandemic which resulted in a series of lockdowns which was a similar case a year back with the only difference that this time the lockdown was implemented by states rather than a central government like last year. However, the hardships remained the same as the production of all the car companies were halted or was at a very slow pace with only a 50% allowable workforce. Although this month’s sale wasn’t at power with the pre covid times but was significantly better than that on both MoM and YoY basis. As the segment registered a total sale of 1,290 units last month compared to the sale of only 585 units back in June 2020, translating to YoY growth of 120.5%. Here is the list of Luxury car sales for June 2021  

S.no.Luxury Car brandsJun-2020Jun-2021Diff.YoY Growth
3VW Audi31521494967%
4J LR621236198%
9Rolls Royce31-2-67%
Luxury car sales June 2021

The best-selling Luxury car company of the month was Mercedes-Benz with a sale of 546 units last month compared to that of 305 units in June 2020, followed by BMW which register a massive growth of 152% by making a sale of 390 units last month, against 155 units sale in June 2020. Audi on the other hand registered an astronomical growth of almost 5000% with a sale of 152 units compared to that of only 3 units sold in June 2020. Other companies like JLR, Volvo, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini all registered on a positive note with an exception of Rolls Royce which registered a YoY growth of -67%.

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