MG Hector Shine trim launched

MG Motors sales analysis June 2021 – Hector, Gloster, ZS EV

According to sales analysis of June 2021 was a stable month for the British/ Chinese brand MG Motors that made a total sale of 3,558 units as compared to the sale of 1,106 units in May 2021 registering an overall growth of more than 250 per cent, while the YoY growth recorded was just over 75 per cent due to the sale of 2,012 units back in June 2020. The sales state a stable pace as in considering the country has just recovered from a series of lockdowns implemented by the states to control the widespread of the second wave of the deadly coronavirus.

Coronavirus wasn’t the only problem faced by the automobile industry as many of the companies all around the globe are still suffering from the shortage of semiconductor chips which will have an impact on the market for the next month also.  However, the sales will most likely be taking a sharp rise as most of the states have removed lockdown or are in the process of doing so which will make the production run at its regular pace and also allow the customers to crowd in again.

The best sellers for the company for the last month was the MG Hector followed by MG Gloster and MG ZS EV. The carmaker is also planning in launching their petrol version of the MG ZS which will be called the MG Astor any will carry the same design as its EV counterpart but at a much cheaper rate which might help boost the sales for the brand.

 MG cars do pack many features that sometimes may lock towering over its other competitors but in real life, the sales tell a different story which is because of the reason that the car has a Chinese name tag behind it which does create some trust issues in many buyers and this is the reason why these feature-packed cars don’t do too well in the Indian market.

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