overall car manufacturer august 2021 sales

Overall car manufacturer sales analysis August 2021

As almost every car manufacturer in India has released their monthly sales figures for august 2021, here we put together the overall car manufacturer rummage sales.

  • Yet again Maruti Suzuki has out sold every manufacturer last month as well
  • Second position is again held by Korean automaker Hyundai with 46,866 units sold
  • Last position Is taken by new company Citroen with just 50 units

Last month car manufacturer has sold 2,59,555 units against 2,34,079 units sold in august 2020 resulting in year-on-year positive growth of 10.9 percent. While, if we compared the overall passenger car sales on a Month-on-Month basis it saw a negative growth of 11.8 percent. Although, it should also be noted that many brands have struggled to provide a continuous supply of cars due to the shortage of semiconductors, which impacted the overall sales volume. Apart from that Maruti Suzuki yet again outsold every other manufacturer in India with dispatching 1,03,187 units last month and has a market share of 39.8%.

ManufacturerAugust 2021August 2020Growth % YoYJuly 2021Growth % MoM
Maruti Suzuki1,03,1871,13,033-8.31,33,732-22
Citroen500 4025
Car manufacturer sales analysis August 2021

While Korean manufacturer Hyundai retains its second position in the list with 46,866 units sold in august 2021 as against 45,809 units in the same corresponding month last year resulting in year on year growth of 2.3 percent. While, same if we compared it with July 2021, the company saw degrowth of over 22 percent on an MoM basis. Although, Nissan India has the highest year-on-year growth of 296.2 percent as it dispatched 3,209 units last month as against 810 units in august 2020. Apart from that majority of car manufacturers in India saw degrowth Month on month due to the unavailability of critical parts and hard dispatches.

Overall car manufacturer august 2021 sales

Owing to the supply chain constraints many brands will saw a lack of production shortage due to the shortage of many electronics devices much needed for vehicle production. While the biggest states of vehicle production Gujarat and Haryana the Vice president of Maruti Suzuki Limited Sanjeev Grover stated that currently, total vehicle production across the states has reduced to just 40 percent of normal production. Talking about the recent entry brand Citroen out just sold 50 units in august 2021, and it cannot be compared on a YoY basis as it comes in India this year itself. While on an MoM basis, it saw a growth of 25% as it sold 40 units in July 2021.  

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