The new 2022 Kia Carnival comes with a foot massager

Kia Carnival is the most popular premium minivan in India which comes with a host of premium features, however, the carmakers haven’t yet revealed nor even announced any plans in launching the new updated 2022 version owing to the low sales of the Kia model. Although, most international markets like the US, EU and the home South Korean market have already received the 2022 update to the car. In South Korea the car is offered in a slightly longer list of variants as compared to the other international market, in the home country, the carmaker provides some additional variants like the Luxurious Hi-Limousine model that not only longer in length (5,200 m) but also comes with some out of the box features.

However, this doesn’t end here as the company has also introduced a new variant for the Limousine version of the car that comes with only 4 seats and a higher roof than the other ones that helps the carmakers fit in some extra set of features. However, the highlight of this model is the Foot Massager provided for the rear seats similar to the ones in Audi A8. Some other additional features include the air purifier and a 21.5-inch display monitor that takes advantage of the raised ceiling so is mounted on it.

Other features this premium minivan includes are heated/cooled cupholders, pleated curtains and ambient lighting on the ceiling that provides a cosy environment for the passengers. These hi-fi shenanigans are powered via a 3.5-litre petrol engine which can deliver up to a maximum power of 290 hp and maximum torque of 355 Nm or a 2.2-litre diesel engine which can produce a maximum power output of 199 hp and maximum torque of 441 Nm.

As for the pricing of the car, the base 9-seater variant is available at $53,000 (about Rs. 40 lakh), the 7-seater variant comes at $56,000 (about Rs. 42 lakh) while the luxurious 4-seater variant comes at a price tag of $77,000 (about Rs. 57 lakh).

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