Second-hand cars under 75000

Top Vintage second-hand cars under Rs 75000 – Good reliable budget-friendly cars

Talking about the available second-hand cars in the Indian market, there is one car from every possible segment to go for. Due to the ongoing health crisis, many customers are suffering from a very low budget, so we will take you through the best possible care available for your budget under just Rs 75000. Before going through the cars, we advise you to go through any potential buyable cars properly before finalizing it at least once, because no matter how good the car looks but looks can be deceiving many times, so inquire properly and then only think of buying it, and only buy from an authorized second-hand dealership with proper paperwork done. Here is a potential list for anyone thinking of getting one: –

  1. Korean manufacturer – Hyundai Santro

The first one on the list is the Hyundai Santro Xing the first-generation model, which was introduced over a decade ago. Since the launch, it is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in the Indian market, till now and has also been generating a good sales volume for the manufacturer in its new generation avatar. Santro Xing is the best choice for anyone willing to buy any car under Rs 75,000 because of its good engine performance and long life.

  1. Indo-Japanese manufacture – Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Another one is Maruti Suzuki’s long-lasting model Alto 800, which can be brought under Rs 75,000. Although, both the new and old style of Alto are almost identical and features a decent engine as well. For that you don’t have to feel like driving the old car as the new generation model of Alto is also on sale in India and can be seen on the roads as well. In terms of sale the hot hatchback is still topping the monthly sales charts, and still remaining the first choice for every Indian family.

  1. Homegrown manufacture – Tata Indica
Tata Indica
Tata Indica

Another one under the Rs 75,000 is the most reliable and powerful hatchback from Homegrown manufacturer tata. It is the best value for money car to go for under a low budget. Tata Indica is easily available under this pocket tight budget, and as the Hype of tata is going in our market by owning one of its vintage cars with lots of history behind it would be amazing.

  1. Homegrown manufacturer – Tata Indigo
Second-hand cars under 75000

Another pocket-friendly second-hand car is Tata Indigo. The Sub-4m metre sedan was launched in the Indian market when the trend was not so cool, and yet another chance to buy an OG. The Tata Indigo eCS can be one of the best products to buy under this price point.

  1. American manufacturer – Ford Fiesta classic

The American manufacturer bestselling sedan Ford Fiesta Classic is our list of second-hand cars under Rs 75,000. With ford reliability and trust, this was one of the best sedans of its timeline. Although, as of now it would be a good choice to have one of the sedan legends under the budget.

  1. Japanese manufacture – Honda City (2006 to 2010)
Second-hand cars under 75000
Second-hand cars under 75000

This was the first luxurious sedan under the most effective price band at that time. This car featured in our list is only because it has a reliable body and good engine, which the buyer can trust. That being said, you can always invest in second hand Honda city because it would always be value for money car if you are a sedan lover.

  1. Indo-Japanese manufacturer – Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Second-hand cars under 75000
Second-hand cars under 75000

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno was one of the best sedans of its own time, and it still looks good. Suzuki has always been very popular amongst car enthusiasts. The car surely slated a legacy, as Maruti decided to bring the Baleno nameplate on its premium hatchback, which is bringing a decent sales volume every month. It surely is a good choice for second-hand cars under Rs 75,000 in India.

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