Toyota Innova Crysta Modified into a lounge

2021 Toyota Innova Crysta modified into a lounge on the Go

2021 Toyota Innova Crysta facelift modified into a good moving lounge on the wheels and done by Chakan-based Reddy Customs.

  • 2021 Toyota Innova crysta modified into a lounge
  • This particular Innova is modified by Chakan, Maharashtra based Reddy Customs
  • If you are interested in modifying your Innova into a lounge; customisation packages start at Rs 4.44 lakh

Toyota Innova Crysta is one of the most popular bigger MPVs currently available in the Indian market. The Japanese MPV is most loved for its amazing combination of interior, exterior, and comfort on a long-range tour. Many Innova owners take the MPV for long route purposes and MPV is also best suited for that job as well. Although, we don’t come across many modified Innova Crysta in India, because the manufacturer features it with well-suited styling and comfortable seating as well. While some car enthusiasts suit aftermarket rates for more luxury and unique design.

Toyota Innova Crysta Modified into a lounge

Here we have one such luxury modified Innova Crysta into a lounge on the Go. This particular customization is done by Chakan Maharashtra-based Reddy customs, we are known for its luxurious modification and unique designs inside out. This vehicle has been masterfully converted into a business class lounge on the Go, thanks to plenty of interior modification. The major custom is done on the rear seats, bulk concentrated to back seats. While, the custom features a rear cabin fully separated from the driver’s cabin, through sliding glass in middle. The vehicle also consists of reclining seats folding with calf-rests and armrests. For entertainment, it gets two 11-inch Android tablets, along with a surround sound system as well as wireless headphones on offer.

Toyota Innova Crysta Modified into a lounge

A laptop and accessories charging outlet along with a wireless charging option. The interior can be lightening up with RGB mood lightning and additional AC vents have been installed for more comfort. The major custom is the hands-free intercom for communication between passenger and driver. The MPV also gets a wall-mounted clock, two folding tables with cupholders, and a chiller. The material used in the cabin includes genuine leather, honeycomb textured birds, automotive veneer, satin chrome, and much more. While, if you are interested in modifying your Innova, you can reach out to Reddy customs and their custom packages start from Rs 4.44 lakh.  

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