A custom corvette-based supercar gets power from not 1 but 2 V8 engines

You might have seen and heard of sports cars, supercars and Hypercars but have you ever seen a super super car. if not, then prepare to be amazed as this super super car might not be the prettiest but surely is one of a kind car which is designed by Gordon Tronson a very talented designer and an equally skilled modifier which is known for its similar kind of projects. Some of its projects are – a Ford Model T equipped with two Ford-sourced racing engines, a Ford Econoline car equipped with four engines, and also a four-engine Harley Davidson motorcycle. This time he has equipped a custom Corvette supercar with two GM LT4 V8 engines.

Each of these engines can produce up to a maximum power of 650 hp along with maximum torque of 868 Nm and if we combine both the engines, the cumulative power comes out to be about 1300 hp with maximum torque above 1700 Nm and a maximum speed of about 465-490 kph, but these values are theoretical as the actual values of the total power and torque is still now revealed by the owner.

Other than the information mentioned above, not much is know about the car apart from the exterior which is a 2001 Chevrolet corvette which can clearly be known by its peculiar front facia and the large greenhouse. While B-pillar onwards the car has been heavily customized to carry both V8 engines. The rear end of the car also rocks a four-exhaust setup which looks pretty badass for the car.

The car most probably isn’t legal to drive on any road owing to it use to too much of everything. While the looks of the car could also be improved a little but the car will most probably not be known for it.

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