Maruti Suzuki Domination in India

How Big is Indo-Japanese manufacturer Maruti Suzuki; Reason behind its domination in India

Maruti Suzuki India is one of the biggest passenger car manufacturers in the Indian market, which has the biggest market share of around 50 percent, and shows its domination.

  • Maruti Suzuki India has the biggest market share over other companies
  • Although, average time taken by Maruti Suzuki to produce one car is 12 seconds higher than other companies
  • Over 70,000 litres of paint have been consumed daily to paint 5,000 passenger cars

Maruti Suzuki India’s dominance in the domestic market is formidable. The Subsidiary of the Japanese brand Suzuki enjoys more than 50 percent of the passenger car market share in India highest of any other passenger car manufacturer. Which stated that Maruti Suzuki sold every 1 out of 2 passenger cars sold in India. It can be seen in the monthly sales chart as well. As last month Maruti Suzuki dispatched 1,62,462 units in July 2021 as against 1,08,064 units in July 2020 getting a positive sales growth of more than 50 percent when compared on a YoY basis. And it is not the first time brand has posted moreover 1.50 lakh units in a month.

Maruti Suzuki Domination in India
Maruti Suzuki Swift CNG with less power

This kind of state has been going on and on for the last few years. Since then the brand has launched very different passenger cars in different segments. It should be noted that Maruti’s products have been dominating its respective segment with a huge margin, like in compact SUV space, hatchback space smaller hatch, commercial vehicles, CNG powered vehicles, and so on. While talking about the other brands the second position in overall manufacturer monthly sales is taken by Korean manufacturer Hyundai Groupe with average dispatching of over 70,000 units in a month. In this, we have included both the Hyundai brand and the Kia brand.

Maruti Suzuki Domination in India
Maruti Suzuki Domination in India

The reason behind achieving so much every month is Maruti Suzuki has the biggest manufacturing factory, which uses over 1,700 robots to support its just-in-time production line. While the average time taken by Maruti Suzuki to produce one car is around 12 seconds and it produces moreover 3,000 units of different space passenger vehicles in a day. Apart from this, there is also an interesting point that Maruti uses more than 70,000 liters of paint consumed every day to paint moreover 5,000 cars produces daily. Other than that, the major reason for the dominance is the affordable price range of passenger cars produces and offered in every segment either SUV, hatchback, sedan, commercial and more. With an affordable price with Maruti, you have the highest segment mileage as well.

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