Lamborghini Huracan turned into an off-roader beast named Jumpacan

Have you ever seen a supercar race in a desert if not, then prepared to be amazed as today we bring you a Lamborghini Huracan that has been modified into an off-roader beast. Usually, the name Lamborghini signifies a supercar that can race any flat road or racing track with a condition that it needs to be flat with no bumps or holes, however, this Lamborghini Huracan or also named by the owner as Lamborghini Jumpacan is designed to run any off-roading track including a desert which no one in its wildest dream would have imagined.

Technically speaking this off-roader Jumpacan is built over a full Lamborghini Huracan chassis that also includes the scissor doors, other than that you won’t find any trace of the Lamborghini brand over it.

The powertrain has also been completely changed and now features an LS V8 engine which is mated to a manual transmission gearbox that powers the rear wheels of the car. If these specifications sound familiar to you then you are correct indeed as this Jumpacan also resembles the LS-powered Lamborghini Huracan which was first showcased in the 2019 SEMA show. This car was built over the cassis of a burnt Huracan that was destined to be scrapped, but B is for Build resurrected this car to make it a super off-roader.

This Jumpacan is designed by the owner solely to race in the upcoming Mint 400 rally that is scheduled to be held this December and will be the first Lamborghini to run this rally and also the fastest Lamborghini. The car however isn’t quite complete as there are a few tweaks still needed to improve the off-roading bits of the car like the long-travel suspension used here needs to get squishier to make the car sustain the jumps on this kind of tacks, speaking of which for the normal Lamborghini Huracan sometimes it’s a challenge to even jump on a speed bumper in your parking lot.   

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