Mahindra defence manufacturer ASW for indian navy

Mahindra Defence to manufacturer integrated ASW Defence suite for Indian Navy

Ministry of Défense has awarded a major contract of manufacturer ASW defence suite for the Indian Navy worth Rs 1349.95 crore to Mahindra Defence system limited.

  • Mahindra defence system limited to manufacture ASW for Indian navy
  • The technology is designed detect and protect submarine and ships from underwater threat
  • Advanced Technology system is first of its kind developed by Indian company

The Minister of defence India has given its major ASW anti-Submarine warfare project to Mahindra defence development system limited, which is worth Rs 1349.95 crore. This is the first time that an Indian private company been worked on technology that is not introduced globally in many countries. But here Mahindra Défense system limited will manufacture in India and supply to Indian Navy authorities. It will be used as modern warfare of the Indian navy and helps to detect and protect against underwater threats.

Mahindra defence manufacturer ASW for indian navy

This is highly advanced technology and one of its kind, and the major benefit is that Indian private company will be manufactured and develop that technology Indian Navy that’s here also a proud moment. IADS integrated air defence system is high-end underwater equipment that uses the latest technology for the detection of danger. It is specially designed and developed to detect and protect warships’ underwater risk. It is very versatile in nature and can be used in small, medium, and large ships. The Underwater sensors will provide the important data for analysis which provides inputs for signal processing.

Mahindra defence manufacturer ASW for indian navy
Mahindra defence manufacturer ASW for Indian navy

On the occasion, Mr. SP Shukla Chairman of MDSL said,” It is the first major contract with the private sector for neutralizing underwater threat detection and protection. This contract once again promotes the initiative of Atmanirbhar Bharat”. This advanced technology system is one of its kind and is being developed and manufactured by an Indian company for the Indian navy. Mahindra defence capable of proving its capabilities to the Ministry of defence comprehensive many sets of testing in actual operations at Sea before declaring the winner of the bidding. The Company will supply 14 IADS systems for Indian navy Warships.  

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