New Delhi government buses live location

Now get the live locations of New Delhi government buses – Here’s how

Now the New Delhi government tied Knots with Google map, civilians can track real-time live locations of government buses, currently, 3,000 buses can be tracked.

  • Now get the live locations of New Delhi government buses
  • Currently 3,000 buses can be tracked and more will join soon in coming weeks
  • With the real time locations, the departure timing and arrival timings can also be seen

The Delhi transport department has announced that they have tied Knot with google maps. Now the passengers traveling in the DTC government buses can get the live locations of the buses going to the capital city. Whilst while they are on series, making it is easier for the passenger to track their bus location and path on which they are going to travel. Those who travel a lot in the government buses often have to wait for the buses, but with this initiative now passengers will know at which time they have to reach the bus stop and how much time it will take to reach there.

New Delhi government buses live location

Commuters can track the live locations of the buses along with arrival and departure time, along with real-time basis by its route number on the Google Maps app on their smartphones. Delhi transport minister Kailash Gehlot took it saying to Twitter and announced the initiative for daily commuters of government buses. The Minister said.” That the state has joined the likes of the global cities that provide real-time information on public transport, he also added that this move will help build an easily accessible, smart, and sustainable public transport system in Delhi.

New Delhi government buses live location

As of currently, 3,000 buses are equipped with this feature and in the coming weeks, more buses will join soon. Apart from living locations commuters can get the ETA estimated arrival time and departure, helping the passenger to know how much time their trip going to take. That being said, the commuter can also get the information if there is any delay in the bus or the buses gets any kind of failure on the route. The procedure is simple, first, the person has to tap on the Go option in the Google Maps application. Then enter the pickup and destination, after that under the transit option the person can see a bus route number, along with real-time data. Tapping on the route will further provide you the additional information’s as well.

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