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Quick Comparison Tata Nexon Petrol Vs Diesel Vs EV

Tata Motors is the company that knows how to stay in news all the time, be it a release of any new model or any new variant of any existing model, the company never seems to amaze us. Tata’s best-selling car Tata Nexon plays a very important role in it though as you might be well aware the Nexon is not only available in petrol and diesel variants but also in the EV segment and don’t even think that its any EV as the Nexon EV is clearly the Best-Selling EV present in the market and that even with quite some margin. But the question comes that, if Nexon is such a great car then which fuel options to go with?

To answer questions like these, here is a quick comparison of all three variants of the Tata Nexon.

ParametersTata Nexon petrolTata Nexon dieselTata Nexon EV
Engine TypePetrol PoweredDiesel PoweredElectric Motor powered
Power118 bhp108 bhp127 bhp
Torque170 Nm260 Nm245 Nm
Range (on full tank or battery)748 km985 km312 km
Cost per kmRs. 6.3Rs. 3.9Rs. 0.9
PriceRs. 7.29 lakh onwardsRs. 9.51 lakh onwardsRs. 13.9 lakh onwards

The cost per kilometre of Nexon EV might look very attractive to the eyes but be warned as many users have a complaint that their car isn’t proving the claimed range even remotely and in regards to that the New Delhi government has suspended the subsidy which was provided for the Nexon earlier until further orders. Keeping that aside, Tata recently introduced a dark edition version for all the Nexon fuel types along with Tata Altroz and Tata Harrier. While the latter one is also available in the camo edition.

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