Royal Enfield bike customize into Bobber

Royal Enfield interceptor customize into a beautiful looking Bobber

Here we have today Royal Enfield interceptor customize into a beautiful looking Bobber with subtle changes on the frame and new aftermarket units.

  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 customise into a Bobber
  • Customisation was done by Argentina based Hardcore Custom
  • Model was specially built for Moto café VCP and put up for sale

Royal Enfield is one of the most popular two-wheeler brands in the Indian market. The company has been producing good-looking premium motorcycles for India for years now. Now the brand has expanded its range and goes into international markets and gaining a lot of popularity there as well. Due to the simple architecture of the bikes, it is very customizable and easy to work in nature as well. It is well known in the modification market as it can be transformed into other unique-looking bikes. Over the years we have seen many modifications in India but now custom-built RE bikes are suffering on the internet and ruling the premium bikes custom spaces in foreign markets as well.

Royal Enfield bike customize into Bobber

Today, we have yet another Royal Enfield bike customize into a beautiful-looking bobber. The customization is done by Argentina-based Hardcore custom, which further they put the bike on sale. There are plenty of updates and changes made to the bike we will brief out some noticeable points. At the front, it has an aftermarket headlight replaced stock ones. The company-fitted handlebar is replaced by new-clip handlebars with bar rearview mirrors on the edges which gives a flat face appearance to the bike. The Fuel filler is blacked out which goes well with the bright red color paint job. Moving towards the back it has a custom design single seat nicely sculpted with red and black upholstery.

Royal Enfield bike customize into Bobber

The rear frame has been cutter off short and the rear fender is placed on custom-made swingarms now. The suspension system remains the same as the stock version, although the suspension geometry has been altered a little bit on the rear and front as well. The altered geometry gives the bike a lean-back look which puts up the motorcycle. Even the steering geometry has been altered with a higher rake angle on the front wheel. The Engine and exhaust muffler have been blacked out completely. We also see side boxes on the bike under the seat along with an aftermarket taillight. The bike also gets a new set of multi-spoke alloys along with new tires. The Fuel tank has a Royal Enfield bobber branding on it. This particular model is built for Moto café VP and put up on sale. In India this kind of custom is not road legal and driving such bikes will get you in trouble.

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