Saietta group transformed into EV

Saietta Group based on united Kingdom transformed two-wheeler into an EV

United Kingdom-based Saietta group has transformed the most loved Royal Enfield continental GT650 into an EV and powered by a 52 Volt motor system.

  • Royal Enfield continental GT650 transformed into an EV
  • This particular transformation done by UK based Saitta group
  • GT650 649cc engine is replaced by 52-volt electric motor

The United Kingdom-based Saietta group has been working for long towards green energy mobility for years now. Recently, they have been building many electric kits to transformed internal combustion-powered two-wheelers into electric vehicles. As of now, they have built many kits for two-wheelers like Hero Xtreme 160R, Royal Enfield Gt650, and so on. Today we have seen a Royal Enfield continental GT650 transformed into an EV. The Kit is directly fitted to the motorcycle and the manufacturer believes that it is the fastest way to moving towards a zero-emission future.

Saietta Group transformed into an EV

The Saietta group has developed an AFT high technology electric motor which happens to be very light weighted and compact and gives a grist efficiency as well. The AFT tech can be inserted into a wide range of IC-powered two-wheelers, and it is easy to fit and extremely versatile in nature as well. The first of the AFT is designed to be pocket friendly as well ranges from AFT 110 to AFT 140. The Royal Enfield images you have seen are fitted with a 52 Volt electric motor and get few specific small updates. Updates consist of replacing 649 cc engine with an electric motor, clutch lever replaced with electric brake, which enables with braking regeneration system.

Saietta Group transformed into an EV

Along with RE GT650, the group has performed EV conversion on other mainstreams bike as well like Hero Xtreme 160R. In this, the 160cc engine is replaced with a 48 Volt electric motor and showcases that the tech is also offered a good range to commuter bikes as well. On both the bikes swappable batteries option is available, which is a very good touch. The AFT electric motors offer high power and torque output as well according to their size. While, now the company is also working on High-performance motorcycles, and hoping to boasts it on mass production and these could be incorporated with scooters, bikes rickshaws, and micro-cars.  

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