This Mega SUV Space Rover costs $1.2 Million but with a tiny letdown

If you ever thought about how will a Space/Moon Rover look in the streets on earth then look no further as the latest episode of Supercar Blondie showcases the newest addition in the huge car collection of the famous comedian and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, which is this giant powerhouse of a Space Rover, which they use to pick up another guest on their episode the famous rapper, actor, and TV host Xzibit.

This massive machine is powered by a GM-sourced LS3 V8 engine which can generate up to 550 horsepower which is sufficient to run over any road. However, the twist here is that this Massive SUV named Chariot is a prop used in the famous Netflix series Lost in Space which has successfully delivered 2 of its seasons and is prepared for the third season as well in which this Rover will be making its appearance. As mentioned in the episode this Chariot is not only a showpiece but can even run at 110 kmph at max, although this rover isn’t street legal in the US. Many of the parts used in this Chariot are hydraulicly controlled, even the massive Gullwing Doors. However, being a prop nothing in this car is in a top-notch condition like the Hydraulic machines which leaks the hydraulic fluid.

The owner of this Chariot, Jeff Dunham not only owns this unique masterpiece but also has the original chariot from back in the ’60s which is built on a snowcat and features tank treads. He also has many other cars used in Hollywood movies as props along with many super and Hypercars in his garage. The most astonishing thing about this car is its price which is about $1.2 million (roughly Rs. 9 crores) for a prop that you won’t be driving more than 4-5 times a year.

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