Brand-wise car sales June 2021 – Maruti maintains its dominance with a massive margin

With a low sales month of May the Indian automobile market has regained its normal flow which can be clearly seen by the sales figures of June 2021, the overall sales of the car market last month stood at 2,55,397 units against the sales of 1,16,927 units in June 2020, translating to a massive YoY growth of 118%. The biggest contributor in last month’s sales was none other than Maruti Suzuki which sold about half of the total sales number of the month, to be precise 1,24,280 units compared to the June 2020 sale of 51,274 units. A more detailed list of the brand-wise car sales for the month of June 2021 is given below.

Car Brands (YoY)Sales In June 2020Sales In June 2021YoY Growth
1.Maruti Suzuki51,2741,24,280142.4%
2.Hyundai 21,32040,49690
3.Tata Motors 11,41924,111111
4.Mahindra 7,95816,636109
5.Kia 7,27515,015106
6.Toyota 3,8668,798128
7.Renault 4,6346,10032
8.Ford 2,6394,93687
9.Honda 1,3984,767241
10.  MG Motors2,0123,55877
11.Nissan 5763,503508
12.Volkswagen 1,5101,6338
13.FCA 256789208
14.Skoda 790734-7
15.Citroen –41
Total 1,16,9272,55,397
List of brand-wise car sales June 2021

Following the footsteps of Maruti Suzuki is the Korean Brand Hyundai motors which made a sale of 40,496 units last month against the sale of 21,320 units in June 2020. At the number 3 spot, we have the homegrown manufacturer Tata Motors which managed to garner sales number of 24,111 units as compared to last years sale of 11,419. Finishing just behind is the another homegrown manufacturer Mahindra which managed to garner a sale of 16,636 units as compared to the sales of 7,958 units in the same month last year.

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